Can drinking water lose weight

Can drinking water lose weight?

Drinking water to lose weight is a low-cost, efficient way to lose weight, but steps are also important.

When you drink too little water, your body's metabolic cycle speed will be slower, fat metabolism will be inhibited, weight loss speed will be reduced. However, from the preivous article, we know that the wrong way to drink water may harm kidney health, not conducive to weight loss, may also cause body edema, weight gain.

So how to drink water healthy, in order to achieve weight loss effect? A few correct drinking steps are worth trying!

About the time to drink water

We need to be at the right time, because water can increase satiety in the stomach and dilute blood concentration.

When you feel hungry, a glass of water can relieve hunger. When you get up, your body's metabolism drops, your body loses water, and a glass of water boosts blood circulation and increases metabolic levels.

However, excessive water intake before bed can affect the quality of sleep. Drink too much water after meals, easy to dilute stomach fluid, gastrointestinal food absorption of water will swell, adverse to gastrointestinal health, but also let you unknowingly improve the amount of food. And for people with poor kidney function, water can not be discharged in time, will cause edema phenomenon.

Therefore, we summarize a few correct drinking time, to help you improve satiety and metabolic levels, thereby reducing calorie intake, promote calorie consumption.

We can get up in the morning and drink a glass of water to replenish the body's moisture and promote deto detoation. Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach before meals can effectively reduce the amount of food. Drinking a glass of water at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. can help you rehydration, reduce hunger, and control your desire for other foods. Reduce or not drink water 1 hour before bed to improve the quality of sleep.

When you feel hungry, don't go for snacks or afternoon tea, you can choose to drink 2 glasses of water to relieve hunger, affect the avoidance of calorie intake, promote body fat burning.

About the amount of water you drink

The correct amount of water to drink is 2-3L a day. If your three meals are mainly dry rice, meat, less soup, less fruits and vegetables, then increase drinking water in moderation, add 3L water. Ten glasses of water a day, 300ml per glass of water.

If your usual three meals to porridge, porridge, fruits and vegetables mainly, because porridge and fruits and vegetables will contain a lot of water, water intake from food will be relatively high, then the addition of 2L water is almost, you can be divided into 8-10 cups of water intake.

When drinking water, we should be a small number of times mainly, do not one-time irrigation, small mouth to drink, help the absorption of the stomach, maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body, reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal and kidneys, improve the absorption rate of water.

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